5D activations of 20 dimensions course with lightship City of Light live & replay

- activate your 5D 20 dimensions in your Golden Age energy system

This zoom live & replay series of 5 meetings is for anyone who wishes to develop their crystalline energy system with the energies and frequencies of the 20 dimensions. You will receive high frequency 5D healing which will bring you further on your ascension.

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Become multi-dimensional
The purpose of this course is to become multi-dimensional and thus aware of your true origin and life purpose on earth. Many experience an acceptance of their life task on earth and a greater understanding of themselves and other beings when they become multi-dimensional.

Through the work and balancing with the coded crystal tool from lightship City of Light, your Merkaba (light body vessel) is upgraded to the 5th dimension version, so that it is completely tuned to the energy frequency of the Golden Age, after which you can move freely in your multi dimensionsal reality.

In this course you will
  • travel through all 20 dimensions one by one - from Gaia in iron core of earth to the Pleiades, Lyra, the Andromeda Galaxy, Arcturus and many other faraway places.
  • receive personal POWER healing, harmonization, activation, transformation through the transmission of energies and frequencies from each dimension.
  • receive completely new in-depth information about each dimension for conscious use in your Ascension process.
  • understand how all these distant macro cosmos places actually also exist in your micro cosmos body, organs, cells and energy system.
  • receive a high frequency crystal tool coded on remote by the City of Light to balance your dimensional system in the 5D Golden Age energies and frequencies.

Charlotte Shanti has in collaboration with lightship City of Light created Energy Frequency Tuning, which is a new way to harmonize, balance, transform, heal, activate in the 5th dimension of the Golden Age. Charlotte Shanti works with telepathy, channelling and clairvoyance.

Practical information
The 5 live zoom meetings in English each have a duration of 2.5 hours. The activations will be available on replay. 

It will be possible to purchase selected high frequency coded crystal tools at a special price in connection with the meetings, but they are not mandatory. They are for additional personal work before and after each ascension meeting.

Dates and Timings 2023
New dates for May-June 2023 coming up

All days on Zoom live 2,5 hours. The activations will be available on replay. 

PST 9 AM / MT 10 AM / EST 12 PM / GMT 17 PM / CET 18 PM

Registration & Payment
Registration and payment takes place in the webshop. Please note that you are registered when you receive a confirmation and you have paid the participation fee.
I look forward to meeting you šŸ’›
Peace, Love and Light
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
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