Golden Age Master Class

The ethereal community City of Light has developed an advanced master class in the high-frequency energies of the Golden Age 5th dimension together with Golden Child Energy.

Join us on an exciting Ascension journey into the Golden Age. It will be your personal journey, which is completely unique in that it is based purely on the 5th dimension. City of Light has developed simple healing and balancing methods that you learn to apply on yourself and others. The training is therefore for both therapists and participants who are not therapists.

The unique City of Light energy frequency healing is both gentle and powerful at the same time. We work with high frequency crystal tools encoded in City of Light.

The master class is for all interested who feel attracted to it and wishes to join.

The theory and manual are simple and easy to understand.

The techniques can be easily acquired by anyone and they are adapted to your special abilities.

Contact me if you are interested in participating on Zoom. We are preparing the Golden Age Master Class for Zoom in English.

Dates for modules

The Golden Age Master Class has 8 module weekends.

Module 1 POWER
Module 4 ENERGY

Read reviews of the master class at the bottom of the page.


The purpose of the Golden Age Master Class is to help you realize and manifest your life mission. This in collaboration with star beings from the Milky Way and further out in the universe. We work in high frequency energies inside the ethereal City of Light community with the Golden Child energy.

Would you like to develop
POWER and stand in your own unique energy frequency
ACTIVATION of your inherent star knowledge
COMMUNICATION with all beings
ENERGY healing, transformation and harmonization
AWARENESS about your inner and outer universe

Would you like to
• be integrated in your life mission
• be activated and realise your place in the universe
• be transformed into your special energy frequency
• be a part of all these new methods and treatments

then this master class is just the thing for you.

In a playful and creative way you will learn to combine your abilities and the techniques you already know with a number of completely unique and gentle but effective treatments.

You learn tests and balances that you can use on clients, friends and family. You can follow the training either as a private person or as a therapist with the opportunity to apply to participate in the final exam and certification as Golden Age City of Light Therapist.

The Portal by Jean Luc from Hawai'i

The master class includes

There are innumerable lightships and ethereal communities working to connect with you in the 5th dimension. Their mission is to support you and the earth in ascending to the energies and frequencies of the Golden Age. City of Light is such a community consisting of scientists and therapists from many dimensions.

Work in progress with the translation into English…
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