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Expand Your Energy

5D Activation of 12 Chakra

be activated in all 12 chakras one by one from Earth Star chakra with AA Sandalphon to Stargate chakra with AA Metatron.

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5D Activation of 12 Chakra Replay Course

Join us in this high frequency course where we activate the 12 chakras with AA Metatron & Sandalphon in 5D lightship City of Light.

Receive the following

  • be activated in all 12 chakras one by one - from Earth Star chakra with AA Sandalphon to Stargate chakra with AA Metatron.
  • receive personal POWER healing, harmonization, activation, transformation through the transmission of energies and frequencies from each chakra.
  • receive completely new in-depth information about each chakra for conscious use in your ascension process.
  • experience high frequency transmissions directly from AA Metatron & Sandalphon
  • receive a high frequency crystal tool coded on remote by lightship City of Light to balance your 12 chakra system in the 5D Golden Age energies and frequencies.

AA Metatron og Sandalphon transmission received by Charlotte Shanti

"Embodiment of Light. Welcome and thank you for coming to see us. We are Metatron and Sandalphon welcoming you.

We oversee the chakra system which is now complete with 12 chakras working according to the new energies.

Humanity will slowly be able to utilize the energies.

The 12 chakras also feed the world with energy.

When new energy reach the earth a cleansing takes place. Cleansing is really transformation.

The transformation process may stir up instability and unrest. It is therefore imperative that everyone focus on stability and peace within themselves. This will resonate with their personal chakras and the chakras of earth.

Transformation must happen from within and by taking care of the earth. Do not be alarmed by this process. Welcome and support the process.

Embrace the transformation process and move forward in peace. We are with you guiding and guarding you.”

Free introduction video

Join me & Lauren Galey from Quantum Conversation in this YouTube video conversation in 5D lighship City of Light.

Did you know that your choice of chakra system has a profound impact on your life mission and your ascension?

AA Metatron & Sandalphon will offer you an energetic experience of the Venusian and Sirian chakra systems to raise your consciousness and help you understand better which chakra system might be beneficial for you.
Welcome to 5D lightship City of Light.

In this introduction, you will

  • Experience a 5D lightship in the NOW
  • Integrate energies and frequencies in transmissions from AA Metatron & Sandalphon
  • Receive 5D insight about different chakra systems
  • Understand how your conscious choice of chakra system supports your ascension to the Golden Age

Expand Your Energy

5D lightship City of Light is here NOW to support you and earth on ascension to the coming Golden Age. Join us in this multi dimensional transformation proces.

Peace, Love and Light
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
Energy Frequency Tuning
+45 4225 3108
VAT DK34352062


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