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Expand Your Energy

Enjoy our free experiences

As a special service we offer a range of experiences with no charge so that anyone can meet light beings in 5D lightship City of Light

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Enjoy the following free experiences

  • World Peace, Love & Light silent meditation

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    Sit or lie down for 30 mins. and focus on your own breath and the breath of earth.

    Anyone interested or drawn to this collaboration is welcome to join.

    Look at the picture and listen to the Golden Child Energy healing music. You will automatically be brought to 5D lightship City of Light where your energies and frequencies can do wonders in the aetheric collaboration.

    Read the full text on our YouTube channel & subscribe

    Feel free to share this FREE meditation with your friends. We appreciate your help. Thank you for joining us.
  • How a crystal transforms from 3D to 5D

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    Join Charlotte Shanti and learn how a crystal transforms from 3D to 5D in collaboration with 5D lightship City of Light.

    Read the full text on our YouTube channel & subscribe

    We demonstrate the coded crystal tool
    Clearing, Cleansing, and Charging Uncoded Crystals with Moon Goddess Selena from the Pleiades through the dimensions

    This crystal tool is available in our
  • EMF, EHS and 5G healing

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  • Earth Healing Dimension Set

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    Enjoy this Earth Healing Dimension Set episode in 5D lightship City of Light with Charlotte Shanti.

    Connect with this replay in the NOW and make a difference in the well-being of the earth in the high-frequency energies of City of Light.

    We work with the coded crystal tools set
    Earth Healing Dimensions in 4 stages through the 1st to 4th dimension. The set can be used infinite ways.

    In this episode Taj Mahal is re-connected to the dimensional system and cleared so that it now resonates LOVE, which was the original intention with the mausoleum.

    It requires no prerequisites to participate, because you will work with star beings in 5D lighsthip City of Light.

    The crystal tools are available in our
  • Integrating Light & Darkness to ONE with Orion

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    Join us with the Orions in 5D lightship City of Light as we seek to integrate Light & Darkness to ONE moving us from the 4th polarized dimension to the 5th integrated dimension.

    The Orions live a balanced life in equal acceptance of light & darkness not unlike the Yin Yan symbol or Right Left brain integration. Both sides are necessary to form ONE dynamic communion. To help earth and all its beings to ascension we NOW need to integrate this ONE with the help of the Orions.

    Your DNA and Merkaba will benefit from integrating light & darkness with the Orions. The energy system of many people is deeply stressed by trying to eliminate darkness. In reality it is like only using half your energy system and excluding the other important part.

    Please understand

    • Darkness is the opposite flavour to Light
    • Darkness is condensed energies
    • Darkness provides strength to Light energies
    • Darkness is necessary to understand Light energies Orions ONE
    • Darkness & Light energy transmission will help you accept all sides of yourself and lovingly bring all aspects of yourself forward.
    • Earth will be deeply healed by your acceptance of Orions ONE Darkness & Light.
    We will work with the crystal tool 18th Dimension Orion Manifestation from 5D lightship City of Light. 

    This crystal tool is available in our
  • Download free 12 Chakra System poster for print

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Expand Your Energy

5D lightship City of Light is here NOW to support you and earth on ascension to the coming Golden Age. Join us in this multi dimensional transformation proces.

Peace, Love and Light
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
Energy Frequency Tuning
+45 4225 3108
VAT DK34352062


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