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Expand Your Energy

Guided Meditations

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Emerge yourself in the beautiful high frequencies of 5D starbeings & angels. The guiding is empowering and loving designed to assist your energy system to the coming Golden Age.

Voyages with AA Metatron & Sandalphon

Join AA Metatron & Sandalphon on two multi-dimensional voyages in 5D lightship City of Light and

  • raise your consciousness to its highest potential NOW with AA Metatron & Sandalphon. Duration 45 mins video replay
  • enjoy a Golden Angel Realm harmonization in the 19th dimension. Duration 45 mins video replay
These 5D meditations are suitable for all energy systems.

Andromedans Energy Frequency Tuning

Join The Andromedans on a multi-dimensional voyage crossing the rainbow bridge in the 15th dimension to receive an energy frequency tuning of your energy system directly from Andromeda Galaxy.

  • Multi-dimensional Syncronization with The Andromedans offering you Energy Frequency Tuning. Duration 1 hour video replay. 
  • The Andromedans offering you Energy Frequency Bouncer & Golden Age Christ healing. Duration 30 mins. video replay.
These 5D meditations are suitable for all energy systems.


Thank you so much Charlotte. I appreciate so very much the work you do. I got the Andromedans package and I enjoyed it very much.....oh my God!!! Incredible healing!

This exercise I am looking forward to repeating several times. The guidance and frequency that Shanti embodies here is soothing, loving, peaceful and compelling. I had a real encounter with the Andromedans that brought med new insight and healing by Anneli Lindeborgh, Deep Roots

This beautiful meditation is very powerful. I connected with the Andromedans and felt their soft energy. There were several of them greeting me and the energy frequency tuning is gentle and deep. When the meditation finished, I felt and saw in my mind's eye that they enjoyed our meeting as much as I did. I highly recommend this meditation! by Linda Löwebeck

Charlotte Shanti is a very skilled channeler of The City og Light energies. I have tried many of her healings, and the energies and her channellings are always very accurate. I simply LOVE to be guided by them. My body and soul always resonnate highly and I give my deepest recommendation to Charlotte Shanti and her work with The City og Light. They are indeed UNIQUE by Inia Shastina

Expand Your Energy

5D lightship City of Light is here NOW to support you and earth on ascension to the coming Golden Age. Join us in this multi dimensional transformation proces.

Peace, Love and Light
Charlotte Shanti
Golden Age Transformation Teacher
Energy Frequency Tuning
+45 4225 3108
VAT DK34352062


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